SaaS Summit – More than just CRM

I was at the SaaS Summit in Auckland yesterday and came away with a feeling that a strong buzz is developing in NZ around the SaaS delivery model for software and its potential to create an opportunity for NZ to export high-value, low carbon footprint products.

Although most of the products featured at the summit were variations on the CRM theme,  there were some notable exceptions in Xero ( a SaaS accounting solution for SMEs) and (a SaaS project management solution). also had an exhibition showing off their AppExchange technology for mashups of different SaaS applications into a single portal.

Like Peter Griffin said on, SaaS is doing for business what Web2.0 has done for social networking (SaaS and the web revolution).

What we need now is a number of NZ SaaS offerings to work together to create a suite of business applications, mashed up in a creative and meaningful way and delivered to the world!

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